Deutsche WindGuard: Vision and goals

In today’s complex energy market, Deutsche WindGuard is committed to providing extensive scientific, technical, and operational services, which are unbiased and manufacturer-independent.

WindGuard is one of the world’s leading service providers to renewable energy enterprises, utilities, investors and the public authorities which define generation facilities as power stations.

We are a holistic network with a scientific-core leadership team and 150 experienced specialists, and the WindGuard Universe is ever-expanding – a fact which justifies our international renown and status as a competent leader of projects of all magnitudes throughout the world.

Our clients’ investments are safeguarded by supplying comprehensive expertise regarding revenue opportunities, frame conditions and related risks. Internationally recognised accreditations and certificates add certainty and objectivity to the assessment of all project-related information.

Our integrated services reliably support the complete project lifecycle and ensure optimum performance from the word go –

onshore, offshore, worldwide.