Impartial Expertise

Independent and competent

Take advantage of recognised expertise in all areas of wind energy.

For investment in projects with high implementation potential – thank careful feasibility studies and detailed wind measurements. When financing through banks or investment groups – with reliable, objective energy yield forecasts. During the approval process of your wind turbine – with calculations of shadow, sound, power quality measurements, etc. In legal disputes – with independent, impartial evidence regarding proper engineering and maintenance.

Wind Guard specialists do not sit in an ivory tower. Rather, they have been actively involved – often for years – in the field of wind energy. They examine detailed questions relating to current research projects, are in-demand interlocutors in political discourse, and participate in intensive committee work. They constantly develop their expertise to further refine their methods of measurement and invest in the latest technologies. The intensive exchange between the departments enlivens their view of their own disciplines and promotes holistic expertise.

Expertise in all areas of wind energy
Expertise in all areas of wind energy

Because of their years of strictly impartial expertise, WindGuard expert reports are today recognised by banks, investors, authorities and manufacturers, and therefore also the best foundation for your involvement in wind energy.

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