Wind Measurement System Sales

You can purchase wind measurement systems directly from Deutsche WindGuard.

Dissatisfied with wind measurement systems available on the market today, Deutsche WindGuard developed their own state-of-the-art systems based on professional industrial data loggers. Since we ourselves use these systems for fully accredited wind measurements, the systems precisely meet the requirements and needs of today’s wind energy industry.
The following features characterise our wind measurement systems:

  • High accuracy
  • Flexible compatibility with a variety of sensors
  • Modular expansion possible
  • Various data transmission possibilities
  • Robustness and low power consumption
  • Heater control for measurements in cold climates possible
  • First class sensors, matched precisely to individual requirements
  • Retraceable calibration of the entire measurement chain
  • Anemometers and calibrations from a single source, no organisational complications
  • Great value for your money


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