Condition-based Inspection

Condition-based Inspection

Guarantee the flawless condition of your system for comprehensive insurance protection and smooth operation, with regular technical inspections and a condition-based assessment. This assures you can discover small problems before they become big ones.

WindGuard helped develop the standard BWE/Gothaer Insurance for Technical Inspections and Condition-Based Assessment. We were one of the first companies in Germany to be accredited by the DAkkS as an inspection body for the Technical Inspection of wind turbines according to DIN EN SO/IEC 17020. The high quality of our inspections is ensured by the superior training of our staff and the intensive exchange between individual WindGuard disciplines.

Technical Inspections and Condition-Based Assessment
Condition-Based Assessment


The Condition-based Assessment is one of the most extensive technical examinations for wind turbines. How often these tests occur depends on the age of the turbine. The various measures and tests are based on the DIN standard 31051 and are also available as individual examinations.

The Condition-based Assessment includes among others:

  • investigation of the rotor blades (blade assessment with lightning protection) 
  • tower
  • nacelle
  • visual inspection of the gearbox (transmission endoscopy)
  • visual inspection of the drive train
  • oil analysis
  • evaluation of the technical management reports


Technical Inspections


Technical Inspections are available as either a complete examination of the entire wind turbine or as individual assessments (such as a gear endoscopy).

The Technical Inspections by WindGuard are often used as evidence by independent third parties, for example:

  • when ownership changes. Investment risk can be reduced to a minimum by a comprehensive review of the technical condition of the system.
  • as expert testimony in case of damage. Insurance companies or operators get certainty as to whether the problem is due to manufacturer error or to a maintenance deficiency.
  • for warranty inspections. WindGuard can confirm if any damage or initial damage is present, and if a claim can be made because of it. 


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