Damage Survey

In the event of damage, we provide flexible, quick and reliable support

If a wind turbine is damaged, immediate action is required. Operators, manufacturers and insurers all have an equal interest in the careful documentation of the damage and the rapid and complete investigation of its root cause.

At Deutsche WindGuard, an experienced and independent expert is at your service for this task. Flexibility, speed and reliability are among our particular strengths in the event of damage.

Our internationally recognised accreditation as a type A inspection body in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012 by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS – Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle) and our many years of expertise provide you with the certainty of a systematic and extremely thorough assessment as well as an independent and objective evaluation. Our expert surveys are recognised by parties involved in damage adjustment as well as in court.

Expert support throughout the entire process

The expert's first task is to immediately get a picture of the damage situation on site. We document it precisely and, if possible, secure all evidence before changes of any kind are made or clean-up efforts and remedial measures start.

We accompany the root cause investigation process from the very beginning. With more than 20 years of experience and extensive know-how, we take a holistic look at the damage event and know exactly which external and internal parameters need to be checked for their involvement in the incident. For example, do the SCADA data deliver evidence of an impending gearbox defect? Could the weather conditions have been the reason for a rotor blade damage or a lightning strike the cause of a fire?

Likewise, we check how the manufacturer, service companies and any other stakeholders deal with the incident and whether they have all potentially relevant aspects in mind. If necessary, we arrange for and accompany further investigation, for example by specialist laboratories or measuring institutes. Such measures can be particularly relevant if the damage has an impact on the wind turbine’s operational lifetime.

Deutsche WindGuard - Damage Survey

Especially in the event of a wind turbine average, the responsible authorities often declare the entire wind farm to be shut down until the cause is clear, in order to prevent any risk of further accidents with neighbour turbines of the same type and age. In such cases, we support operators with flexibility and short response times to help minimise loss of earnings.

We also offer stakeholders individual expert support in all relevant appointments and negotiations.

Benefit from our expertise in all aspects of wind energy

Due to the large number of possible causes and influencing factors, damage analysis requires particularly wide-ranging and well-founded expertise. Benefit from synergies within Deutsche WindGuard group. If required, we utilize the comprehensive expertise of other service areas along the entire value chain of a wind energy project.

As a result, you receive a very expressive damage survey which, depending on the case, may contain the following items:

  • Documentation of the damage event
  • Causes of damage
  • Required repair measures
  • Additionally required examinations after damage remediation
  • Options of continuing wind turbine operation and remaining operational lifetime

With our team of 20 excellently trained experts, we are ideally positioned to be at your side quickly and flexibly, should any damage occur. Contact us!

Information on our accreditation is available here >>>.

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