Deutsche WindGuard launches online shop

Wind measuring instruments, calibration and maintenance from one single source

Varel, 2020-09-08: With the launch of its own online shop, the leading wind tunnel specialist Deutsche WindGuard now offers customers an enhanced service regarding sensors, their calibration and maintenance. At, customers can now order these products and services conveniently online.

“Our customers are increasingly requesting to purchase the actual sensors from us, in addition to their calibration. With the new portal, we are now further simplifying this process for our customers,” says Catharina Herold, WindGuard wind tunnel services’ operational manager, under whose leadership the online shop was created. “This way, they can obtain the complete package from one single source. This significantly reduces customers’ administration efforts and delivery time as compared to purchasing from different suppliers.” In the clearly structured online shop, Deutsche WindGuard not only offers cup and sonic anemometers, propeller anemometers and wind vanes from various manufacturers, but also accessories such as adapters and cables. Bookable services include measurements, calibrations and classifications of sensors, calibrations of other devices such as static pitot tubes as well as various inspection and maintenance arrangements.

“When establishing our new portal, we paid particular attention to a clear design and easy handling”, explains Catharina Herold, operational manager Wind Guard wind tunnel services, “with just a few clicks, the customer can find the product or service of his choice.”

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Purchasing a calibrated sensor from Deutsche WindGuard offers customers double reliability and additional quality control. The four calibration wind tunnels in Varel, which are accredited by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS), are among the most precise in the world. In one of them, a transfer standard from the German national metrology institute (PTB) is installed. PTB uses this wind tunnel as a reference wind tunnel for its own calibration of flow sensors. Deutsche WindGuard is internationally recognized as one of the world’s most renowned service providers in the wind energy industry.

Deutsche WindGuard – The Wind Professionals

Deutsche WindGuard Wind Tunnel Services offers highest precision for wind sensor calibration and classification. As an accredited calibration laboratory, Deutsche WindGuard Wind Tunnel Services GmbH is accepted by MEASNET and IECRE. Deutsche WindGuard Wind Tunnel Services GmbH is a part of the Deutsche WindGuard Group. With five calibration wind tunnels, a variable density wind tunnel, a climatic wind tunnel, and an acoustically optimized large wind tunnel, Deutsche WindGuard Wind Tunnel Centre offers ideal conditions for measuring, testing and R&D. In a complex energy market, Deutsche WindGuard is committed to providing extensive scientific, technical, and operational services, which are unbiased and manufacturer-independent. Deutsche WindGuard was founded in 2000. With the headquarters in Varel and subsidies in Germany, the United States, China and India, it employs more than 170 experienced experts.

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