Press Releases 2020

Deutsche WindGuard
gains momentum
in the Indian market

Customers profit from local expertise and interdisciplinary knowledge base in Germany

Press release – 2020-11-26

Deutsche WindGuard
doubles volume
of Technical Due Diligence

Expertise internationally appreciated by investors, energy utilities and project developers

Press Release – 2020-10-29

Influence of Varying Temperature and Pressure on Calibration of Anemometer

Importance of anemometer calibration for wind measurement campaign quality  Expert Article – Indian Wind Power 2020-10

WindGuard Certification
offers mobile testing of dynamic performance

New fault-ride-through test equipment can be used directly at customer's site

Press Release – 2020-09-16

Deutsche WindGuard
launches online shop

Wind measuring instruments, calibration and maintenance from one single source

Press Release – 2020-09-08

Deutsche WindGuard
Wind Tunnel Services
increases service scope

Quality improvements and new certifications in all four calibration wind tunnels

Press Release – 2020-04-28

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