Power Curve Measurement

WindGuard North America – a Deutsche WindGuard company

How does a turbine perform in different types of wind? The answer to this vital question is critical to your investment, because a turbine that fails to meet forecasted yields produces returns below your expectations. Our relatioships with met mast manufacturers enable us to offer turn-key measurements specifically tailored to the conditions at your site. 

WindGuard had a very active part in the shaping of the relevant standards IEC 61400-12-1 and IEC 61400-12-2. Additionally, our special evaluations, for wind shear or turbulence behavior for example, go far beyond the applicable standard.
We have extensive experience with LiDAR-based power curve tests, using ground-based, as well as nacelle or scanning-LiDARs.

Deutsche WindGuard is an approved testing laboratory for the power performance competence area within the IECRE scheme.

Power Curve Measurement
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