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WindGuard North America – A Deutsche WindGuard Company

Welcome to the North American office of WindGuard! Our local team in Springfield, VA, is happy to assist you with every aspect of your wind energy project

Local experts always at your service.

While we would be able to provide our North American customers with almost every service from the WindGuard Universe straight from our headquarters in Germany, we listened to our client’s requests and established local teams for some of our more sophisticated services. This way we can respond to your questions faster and more efficiently and deliver the high quality work you expect from us.

A Universe of Services – always within reach

WindGuard North America is part of the Germany-based WindGuard Group. The WindGuard Group is a holistic network with a scientific-core leadership team and 150 experienced specialists with international experience.  We are committed to providing extensive scientific, technical, and operational services, which are unbiased and manufacturer independent. We are one of the world’s leading service providers to renewable energy enterprises, utilities, investors and the public authorities. Just like the universe, our services are constantly expanding – a fact which justifies our international renown and status as a competent leader of projects of all magnitudes throughout the world. Onshore. Offshore. Worldwide.

With proven competence

The acceptance and the profitability of wind power are dependent on smooth implementation. The WindGuard group holds a number of accreditations (by the national German accreditation body, DAkkS) and certifications that guarantee the high quality of our services and our strict objectivity. The newest addition is the approval as a testing laboratory within the IECRE scheme. Learn more about our accreditations and certifications more>


Uwe Lohbeck
+1 703 678 5690


Simon Stokes
+1 703 679 0310


Martin Schmidt-Bremer Jr.
+1 571 331 7927

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