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About WindGuard

Wind is – besides the sun – the only energy source for which one can predict today, what the price will be for the next few years, decades, centuries:

It costs nothing

With this advantage, wind will always play central role in every future energy concept. Only renewable energies can deliver a secure, responsible, cost effective energy supply in the long run.

With this central thought in mind, WindGuard founders Dr. Knud Rehfeldt, Axel Albers and Gerhard Gerdes, decided 25 years ago to tap into the potential of wind power and turn it into a viable source of energy production. The result was the foundation of Deutsche WindGuard in 2000. Ever since, in a complex energy market WindGuard is committed to providing extensive scientific, technical, and operational services which are unbiased and manufacturer-independent.


"Our goal is to ensure that in the future, 80 to 90 % of the global energy demand will be met by renewables."

Today, we offer investors and developers, manufacturers, decision makers in governments and businesses worldwide, extensive and independent expertise on all facets of wind energy. With about 200 experts at our headquarters in Varel and offices in Bremerhaven, Elsfleth, Norden, Gelnhausen and Berlin as well as in the United States, India and in China, Deutsche WindGuard as an owner-managed, medium-sized company offers more than 50 different services.

The extraordinary synergistic effects between departments combined with our worldwide playing field provide Deutsche WindGuard with a unique market sense. Internationally recognised accreditations and certificates add certainty and objectivity to the assessment of all project-related information. Our comprehensive universe of services reliably supports your projects along the whole value chain of wind energy: from the first feasibility studies to decommissioning. We reliably support the complete project lifecycle and ensure optimum performance from the word go – Onshore. Offshore. Worldwide.



Commissioning of the first 10 MW FRT container.


Opening of Deutsche WindGuard's office in Gelnhausen in the middle of Germany.


Accreditation of our testing and calibration laboratories according to IECRE.


15 years of Deutsche WindGuard at Husum Wind.


Commissioning of the pressurized wind tunnel.


First accredited test field for LIDAR / SODAR calibration


Opening of WindGuard research wind turbine in Bremen


Founding of WindGuard Certification GmbH


Founding of Deutsche WindGuard Offshore GmbH.


Commissioning of the Icing Windtunnel.


Wind Guard opens the Acoustically Optimised Large Wind Tunnel in Bremerhaven


WindGuard opens the worldwide first test field for LiDAR calibration with a 135m Met mast.


WindGuard moves to its new headquarters in Oldenburger Straße 65, Varel.


WindGuard brings the Wind Tunnel Centre into operation.

2000 - Founding of Deutsche WindGuard.

The German Electricity Feed Act leads to a recovery of wind energy in Germany. CEOs at WindGuard, Axel Albers, Gerhard Gerdes, and Knud Rehfeldt – previously involved in the science of wind energy.

WindGuard-CEOs Axel Albers, Gerhard Gerdes und Dr. Knud Rehfeldt
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