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Power Quality Measurement

Prior to connection to the grid, the grid and power characteristics must be checked for both single units and farms, as well as for individual components and prototypes. This applies to the field of wind energy as well as to solar energy and internal combustion engines. It is only after the confirmation of the electrical characteristics of a wind turbine that it may be connected to the grid and the operator receives compensation.

WindGuard is accredited testing laboratory for all tests and reports as per IEC 61400-21, FGW TR3, as well as the Italian standard CEI 0-16. Benefit from a database that can ensure safe and timely certification.

Power Quality Measurement
Power Quality Measurement


  • For network conditions, the power supply is tested for flicker and upper harmonics
  • Control properties can be controlled by a fluctuating power decrease to maintain the grid stability and support (voltage level, real power supply, reactive power capacity, reactive power control)
  • The System Service Ordinance SDLWindV describes the power plant properties that must be satisfied when plant is to be connected to the grid, such as
    • Voltage stability
    • Delivery of active and reactive power
    • Conditions under which the turbine may be disconnected from the grid
    • Conditions under which the turbine must support the grid


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