Consulting / Due Diligence

A multitude of requirements

An unclear contract clause. Two components that do not fit together. Power fluctuations that can threaten grid stability: In the sensitive interplay of the various factors of a wind farm project, overlooking a detail or an incorrect estimate can result in expensive repairs, lengthy processes, and high additional costs.

Boost your specialised knowledge

But what should you look for if you don’t know the hidden sources of error? How do you become rapidly fluent with all the important technological and technical terminology?

Reduce risks to a minimum

WindGuard offers you know-how gained from our experience with on- and offshore projects worldwide: whether it is ensuring the technical implementation process runs smoothly – from the tender, the ground-breaking ceremony, all the way through to the turbine start-up – or assisting you with working confidently in the market. Benefit from this source when it comes to the development of new components, discussions with governments and interest groups, or when entering new markets abroad, often with different conditions, guidelines and rules.

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