Wind Resource Assessment

Take advantage of WindGuard’s high level of acceptance by banks and investors. We provide you with an objective, robust assessment: how much energy yield can be expected based on the turbine layout at the planned site? How large are the uncertainties?

With a wealth of experience from wind measurement, electrical load flow calculation, management, and all other aspects of wind energy, WindGuard evaluates both the possibilities and risks associated with your project, including for example technical losses due to performance or icing. Securing your investment with expert care pays off for everyone in the long run.

Wind Resource Assessment

Information on our accreditations is available here >>>.

WindGuard’s Wind Resource Assessment provides:


  • strict objectivity and independence, which protects against unexpected costs
  • access to large database and a careful selection of long term reference data
  • extensive experience in the assessment of power curves
  • sophisticated methods for flow modelling
  • detailed uncertainty analysis
  • comfort in the knowledge that WindGuard helped create the technical procedures, standards and guideline


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