Objective Data Base

Power curve. Noise. Power Quality. Loads. These four factors play a decisive role in the certification of new systems and components. An objective, reliable data base is crucial, for those as well as for regulated resurveys. But is one measurement like all the others?


Recognised, self-developed measurement methods

Deutsche WindGuard uses self-developed, very precise measurement techniques and devices. Customers can receive all individual measurements, anemometer calibrations and resurveys from a single source. Because of active participation through the years in the development of applicable standards, our specialists are familiar with not only the current standards, but previous standards on which older contracts are based as well. Our measurement services are accredited by the national German accreditation body, Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (DAkkS).

In-house research

The technical development of wind turbines always presents new challenges, and WindGuard is constantly researching to improve measurement techniques, in order to offer a qualified data base to manufacturers and operators.

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