Technical Management of Wind Farms

Maximize the yield of your wind turbines

As an owner or operator, you do not want any compromises: Your wind turbines should run trouble-free at all times and generate the highest possible yield. Reliability is the top priority for the profitability of your investment.

That's why you should opt for Deutsche WindGuard's independent Technical Management. Because we guarantee:

  • optimal monitoring of your wind turbines
  • 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year
  • for the best possible availability and performance, low downtime and maximum yield.

Our control centre keeps an eye on your wind farm day and night and provides immediate support in the event of a malfunction to return your turbine back to normal operation as quickly as possible.

Place the plant responsibility in our experienced hands

Wind farm owners bear a lot of responsibility. To ensure that this does not become a cause for concern for you, Deutsche WindGuard is at your side as an experienced partner. On request, our Technical Management team takes over a number of your duties as an owner and relieves you, for example, with regard to:

  • the guarantee of occupational safety
  • requirements of the electricity industry for the safe operation of your wind turbine
  • the importance of your wind turbine as part of a critical infrastructure
  • compliance with environmental and species protection requirements.

With us, your wind farm is in the best hands. Profit from both our know-how and our many years of experience.

Profit from our know-how

In 2000, Deutsche WindGuard was one of the first providers to launch the concept of manufacturer-independent monitoring and condition-based Technical Management of wind farms. This makes us pioneers in this field.

With more than two decades of experience and profound, state-of-the-art know-how, we know exactly what matters when it comes to the Technical Management of your wind energy project:

Deutsche WindGuard - Technical Management
Permanent Monitoring

Our control centre monitors your wind farm around the clock. This enables us to react immediately in the event of malfunctions and initiate all necessary steps so that your plant can be reconnected to the grid as quickly as possible. We professionally document all incidents in a life cycle file. In addition to calculating yield losses, the service also includes notifications to the direct marketer, among other things.

Condition Tracking

When you know the condition of your turbine, you can plan ahead providently and prevent possible faults. For wind farms taken over in the construction phase, we directly start with an inspection during commissioning. Thus, we ensure that everything runs smoothly right from the start. At regular intervals, we inspect all the turbines in your portfolio and document their condition. In our wind farm management system WONDER 3.0, all operating data is recorded and evaluated. This way, we evaluate the performance and can recommend further steps to you.

Maintenance Management

We plan and coordinate all necessary maintenance and repair work for you. On request, we can also take over the contract awarding and invoice control. Once the work has been completed by the maintenance company or manufacturer, we check the execution as part of the regular inspections and report back to you.

Guidelines and Framework Conditions

We assume plant responsibility for the wind turbine and, if desired, also for the medium-voltage grid. We generally monitor compliance with laws, standards and guidelines as well as with requirements from the building permit during operation – from noise to shadow flicker to bat monitoring. In the event of damage, we take care of handling and insurance management.

Our experience is your benefit

Our many years of experience, combined with extensive expertise in all specialist areas of Technical Management, currently convince owners of more than 360 wind turbines in over 80 wind farms with a total capacity exceeding 860 MW. These include turbines with outputs between 600 and 7,500 kW from the following manufacturers:

  • AREVA/Multibrid
  • Enercon
  • Fuhrländer
  • Gamesa
  • GE
  • Nordex
  • PowerWind
  • Siemens/AN Bonus
  • Senvion/REpower
  • Vestas

Technical Management packages – taylored to your needs

Whether you are a citizens' energy cooperative or an agricultural business, an energy supplier, project developer or investor – just as diverse as our customers are, so are the requirements for the technical management of their wind farms. To ensure that you receive exactly the Technical Management that suits your needs, we have put together three service packages with different scopes of services for you. You may choose from the following options:

Technical Management package WindGuard BASIC

The BASIC package focuses, among other things, on the 24/7 monitoring of your wind turbines, the relevant reports to the direct marketer and the collection of operational data.

Benefit from our single point of contact principle: A WindGuard team of experts is available for you individually and knows all the details of your wind farm.

With the BASIC package, you secure your own scope of involvement and the opportunity to contribute your own know-how and experience.

Technical Management package WindGuard COMFORT

The COMFORT package includes the BASIC scope by default and is supplemented by additional services. These include wind turbine inspections, assumption of plant responsibility (in accordance with FGW TR 7 A1 and DIN VDE 0105-100) and analysis of the operational behaviour.

This interesting and balanced range of services is particularly suitable for wind farm owners who wish to place day-to-day operation in experienced hands, but prefer taking over tasks within the permit procedure themselves.

Technical Management package WindGuard PREMIUM

For those who wish the most comprehensive Technical Management for their wind farm, we have developed the PREMIUM package. It includes all services of the COMFORT package by default.

In addition, we handle your communication with approval authorities. We also offer you an extended analysis of the operational behaviour of your wind turbine and associated recommendations for action.

With Deutsche WindGuard's PREMIUM package, you ensure the optimal operation of your asset.

Service comparison of WindGuard Technical Management packages
Deutsche WindGuard - Service comparison of Technical Management packages

Additional Options

Our additional options offer you even more flexibility. They can be added to any of our three Technical Management packages BASIC, COMFORT or PREMIUM. This allows you to respond optimally to park- or situation-specific requirements – for an even more individual Technical Management.

Additional Options
Deutsche WindGuard - Technical Management Additional Options

Our Quality Promise

Always up to date

Benefit from the high-quality standards we set for ourselves and our services. In order to provide optimum support for your wind farm, our Technical Management team always keeps up to date with the latest technology through regular training and shares our know-how, for example, as part of the "Technical Management of Wind Farms" series of events organized by the German Wind Energy Association (BWE).

Technical Management by Deutsche WindGuard follows the rules of condition-based maintenance as specified by the German Wind Energy Association (BWE) according to DIN 31051 guideline as well as the IT security standards in accordance with KRITIS requirements for the energy industry.

Always safe

At Deutsche WindGuard, we attach just as much importance to the safety of our employees. Thus, in addition to regular medical examinations, the annual height rescue training and the first aid course every two years are on the regular agenda for the Technical Management team.

Always networked

As a member of the technical managers’ advisory board of the German Wind Energy Association (BWE), we participate in the central, unbiased and manufacturer-independent exchange of ideas on all important topics related to the operation of wind farms and are actively involved in the work on guidelines and standards.

Always next to you

With our headquarters in Varel, Lower Saxony, locations in Hessen and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and a steadily growing, decentralized cooperation network throughout Germany, we are always close to you and can be on site quickly if necessary.

Our 24/7 control centre is KRITIS-compliant

We ensure optimum protection for your turbines. For this purpose, we have implemented a comprehensive IT security concept. In 2022, we were one of the first providers of technical management for wind farms to prove to the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI - Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik) that our 24/7 control centre meets the requirements for operators of critical infrastructures (KRITIS) in accordance with § 8a of the BSI Act. The successful implementation of the security concept required for this has been proven in an independent audit.

The WindGuard Effect

As part of the WindGuard Group, our Technical Management has access to the extensive know-how of all service areas, such as technical inspections, surveys, operational data analysis, energy yield forecasts and anemometer calibration. For detailed questions, the team can rely on the expertise of each individual department. Intensive committee work, among other things, continuously improves our know-how on technical and legal requirements. WindGuard partly uses its own measuring systems to permanently check and optimize the performance of WTGs.

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