Technical Management

Technical Management

Optimum monitoring of your wind turbine, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. For low downtimes, long runtimes, maximum yield. The technical management of your turbine is thus ensured by experienced WindGuard experts.

Routinely, every three months, they check the turbine. They create thorough monthly and annual reports with detailed information on income and downtimes, including explanations and suggestions for optimisation, and provide urgent support for messages and events. Your investment is well looked after, and runs and runs and runs and ...

Technische Betriebsführung Windenergieanlage

WindGuard Technical Management

The technical teams of each department at WindGuard, each with their in-depth knowledge, are available for any detailed questions. Their know-how, with regards to technical and legal requirements among other things, is supported by intensive committee work - such as in the formulation of system services (SDL), in which the requirements for the grid connection of a wind turbine are defined. Wind Guard uses their own measuring equipment to check and optimise the performance of wind turbines.

WindGuard’s Technical Management services include:

  • performance monitoring
  • assessment of maintenance work
  • loss of revenue calculation for power reductions by TSO
  • calculation of any compensation payments for limitting by direct marketing
  • processing of insurance claims 
  • proof of low performance to manufacturers
  • advise on, or purchase of, spare parts
  • mandatory initial inspection
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