Wind Farm Management Software (WONDER)

How much power is delivered by your wind turbine? What faults have occurred? For the technical and commercial management of wind farms, take advantage of a powerful software system that already in use in around 3000 systems: WONDER.

WONDER is also used by the technical management at WindGuard, and their experience is incorporated into the continuous development of the software.  We also utilise the scientific and technical know-how of the entire WindGuard group. The analytical capabilities of WONDER can be customised to suit your requirements, and data security and privacy are given the highest priority.

Wind Farm Management Software (WONDER)
WONDER offers the following:


  • Automatic retrieval of operational data
  • Extensive logbook function
  • Monitoring and control of plants
  • Transmission of real-time data
  • Detection, analysis, and assignment of messages and events
  • Planning and logging of maintenance
  • Various data sources, in various resolutions
  • Performance data at different resolutions, such as 10-minute averages, 30-second instantaneous values, etc.
  • Support of feed-in management (reconciliation method)
  • Assistance with direct marketing (availability prognoses)
  • Secured life-cycle data for your turbine with all operating data and documents
  • Manufacturer and plant-independent evaluation of operating data
  • Technical and commercial analyses based on a wide range of data
  • Data retrieval 1 - 2 times per day (average), with options for more when in collaboration with partners
  • Data interface as per ICE 61400-25 standards; near real-time communication with modern wind turbines is possible


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