Anemometer Classification

At WindGuard, all measurements for classification according to IEC 61400 are possible: startup behaviour, dynamic behaviour, measurements regarding the influence of temperature and the response to inclined flow, free-field measurements, measurements of wind direction, and the influence of air density.

Thanks to six calibration and research wind tunnels and a fully equipped wind measuring mast, WindGuard steadily develops its knowledge and quality lead. Our own research and cooperation in all relevant bodies underline our claim as the foremost experts in all matters relating to anemometers. A WindGuard Certificate continues to stand for the best in technology.

Anemometer Classification

Information on our accreditations is available here >>>.

Important data regarding Anemometer Classification


  • Comparison measurement
  • u,v,w calibrated 3D sonic anemometer
  • Air density measurement
  • Automatic alignment of test rig to wind direction
  • Mounting set up according to IEC


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