Wind Turbine and Manufacturer Assessment

Objectivity and in-depth expertise is what WindGuard uses to review turbines and manufacturers from your perspective. Which technical details are important for your project? Which turbine, and which components are the best fit? What are the risks that must be considered?

Benefit from our decades of experience in all areas of wind energy. Through our yield analysis and the technical operation of wind turbines we understand all the pros and cons of various types of systems in detail. As an independent actor in the development of clean, renewable energy we are critical and impartial. Perfect security for your investment – with WindGuard.

Wind Turbine and Manufacturer Assessment
Security for Wind Farm Developers


Gain certainty in the following questions:

  • Is the type of turbine from the proposed manufacturer suitable?
  • What are the risks and how can they be minimised?
  • How competent is the manufacturer? And how is he to be assessed with regard to his audit, survey of supply chain, manufacturing, installation, after-sales service, fairness, and reliability?
  • What is the technical status of the turbine? How far along is the prototype testing and certification? Is a supply of necessary components available in an appropriate quality?
  • Can the wind farm continue to operate if the manufacturer is insolvent?

WindGuard helps you make an substantiated assessment of these issues, with our operator surveys, ability to compare the experiences of many projects, as well as our knowledge in all areas of wind energy.


Certainty for Manufacturers


As a manufacturer, would you like to have independent confirmation of the quality of your products? Would you like to sell a prototype or finance the development of a new turbine? Do you need an expert report for individual types of wind turbines? We support you with:

  • manufacturer audits
  • inspections / checks on your turbines or products
  • expertise for your design team: detailed examinations, supply chain and quality control assurance, test plans, certifications, manufacturing facilities, market environment, concept establishment, maintenance, etc.
  • Concrete punch-list for the optimisation of your plant

Upon successful completion, your turbine receives an objective quality assessment from WindGuard – the ideal base for successful market presence.


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