Thermographic Measurements

Together with BIMAQ*, high-speed, high-resolution surface temperature measurements are performed in our wind tunnel. The method is non-invasive and allows accurate detection of the laminar-turbulent transition location. Also, the effects of surface roughness and the effectiveness of tripping can be evaluated by using thermographic measurements.

Thermography can be applied on all models with an insulating outer surface. Fiberglass, carbon-fiber, epoxy or plastic models do not require any type of preparation before thermographic measurements. Metallic models require either a surface painting or a thin foil that can be quickly applied and removed by our personnel.

The same method and equipment is applied by WindGuard and BIMAQ for transition measurements on real wind turbines in operation, allowing a direct comparison between Wind Tunnel and Operational conditions.


Bremer Institut für Messtechnik, Automatisierung und Qualitätswissenschaft,

Thermographic Measurements
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