Commissioning Inspection

Ready for a trouble-free start?

Before your new wind turbine or wind farm enters regular operation, you would like to make sure that you have entirely received all contractually agreed deliveries and services? During our commissioning inspection, we take a close look at each of your newly installed turbines and the associated documentation. We carefully assess whether actual and target status match. If we discover any discrepancies we recommend appropriate actions. Based on the results of this inspection, we will provide you with a detailed inspection report.

Our accreditation as inspection body type A according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012 by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS – Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle) provides you with the confidence of having a publicly recognised, independent and competent expert at your side. If required, the test report provides documentation for obtaining the operating permit for your wind energy project. It can also serve as a proof to pursue any upcoming supplemental claims against your contractual partners.

Get the condition of your new turbine documented

We adapt the commissioning assessment precisely to your individual requirements. Core element is the inspection of your turbine. For an entirely worry-free operation launch, we also offer you additional services. No matter which package you choose for your commissioning inspection – the thorough review of all corresponding documentation is always included:

Assessment scope: turbine configuration


We verify for you whether the delivered turbine’s configuration complies with all specifications from type testing. For example, we check...

  • ...whether type-tested components have been installed.
  • ...whether the correct operating manuals, declarations of conformity and commissioning protocols are available
  • ...whether the turbine control system is correctly configured.
  • etc.


Assessment scope: contract fulfilment


A wide variety of suppliers and service providers are involved in the construction of a wind farm. We provide you with confidence as to whether all services have been provided completely and in accordance with the contract. For example, we check...

  • ...whether the installed software is correct and runs flawlessly.
  • ...whether the ordered condition monitoring system is installed and functioning.
  • ...whether the agreed civil engineering work has been fully completed.
  • etc.


Assessment scope: technical condition


Before your turbine enters regular operation, any safety-related concerns must be completely dispelled. That's why we thoroughly check,…

  • …whether foundation and tower are stable and structurally sound.
  • ...whether nacelle, machine and rotor blades are defect-free.
  • ...whether all devices serving the safety of persons and technology are functioning correctly.
  • etc.


Assessment scope: regulatory requirements


Construction and operation of your wind turbine are subject to a number of regulatory requirements, such as those specified in the building permit. We provide you with certainty about their fulfilment and check, for example,...

  • ...whether marking obligations demanded by aviation authorities have been fulfilled.
  • ...whether shut-off regulations for the protection of birds and bats and for the compliance with shadowing and sound emission limits have been correctly implemented.
  • ...whether the required ice warning signs have been placed around your turbine.
  • etc.


Assessment scope: operator’s duty of care


As an operator, you are obliged to take all necessary precautions to ensure that no one is harmed by your wind turbine. We check for you, for example,...

  • ...whether all necessary safety instructions for persons on or in the turbine are complete and correctly displayed.
  • ...whether the required safety equipment is complete and functional and complies with applicable regulations.
  • ...whether environmental protection requirements are fulfilled.
  • etc.


Count on our experience and expertise

When selecting a commissioning inspection by Deutsche WindGuard, you bank on our many years of experience and extensive expertise.

With our team of 20 excellently trained employees, we are ideally positioned to flexibly respond to the individual requirements and schedules of your wind energy project.

We will be happy to provide you with an individual proposal.

Information on our accreditation is available here >>>.

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