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Certification of Continued Operation of Wind Turbines

Get the most out of your wind farm – with an extended operation of your turbine beyond its design lifetime. A certificate for the continued operation of wind turbines means longer energy yield without additional investments. In order to achieve this, proof has to be provided that the turbine can continue to be operated safely in the future. As a worldwide first, our certification for continued operation of wind turbines has been accredited by DAkkS.

Our experts analyze the type certificate and make sure that it still fulfills the requirements of relevant guidelines after its design lifetime. This procedure is also applicable to turbine types whose manufacturers are no longer present on the market.

The process of evaluation and verification of the continued operation of wind turbines is divided into a practical part (inspection) and an analytical part (load comparison after aerolastic simulation) and thus follows the guidelines of the German Wind Energy Association for continued operation. The result of the assessment is explained in an expert statement and the service life reserve is confirmed in a certificate.

Zertifizierung für den WEA-Weiterbetrieb
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