Offshore Project Certification

Foundation, personal safety, and deconstruction: offshore wind farms have to fulfill several complex requirements. The conditions for them are captured in the standard for the “Construction of Offshore Wind Turbines”, published by the German Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH). Operators have to prove, before going into operation, that their turbines fulfill all the relevant standards and guidelines.

WindGuard Certification provides such proof and is accepted by the BSH.

WindGuard project certification evaluates the conformity of all processes in relation to the relevant standards and guidelines - from environmental conditions at the approved site and the design basis to the construction of all components. WindGuard secures that all manufacturing, transport and installation procedures are carried out according to the defined specifications.

After a successful assessment and evaluation, you receive a project certificate for the operating time – assumed that the periodic inspections are conducted every two years.

Contents of the offshore project certification


  • Type Certificate
  • Site Assessment incl. subsoil properties
  • Site specific assessment of construction
  • Declaration of conformity for site specific construction for wind turbine
  • Assessment and evaluation of monitoring devices (SCADA, CMS)
  • Assessment and evaluation of sea operations and construction concept
  • Manufacturing surveillance
  • Surveillance of transport, installation and commissioning
  • Declaration of conformity for all surveillance services
  • Surveillance of Periodic Inspections to keep up the operating permit
  • Declaration of conformity for deconstruction


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